Let's Reliving Ancient Customs and Bridging a Generation Gap this Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is around the corner. Known as one of the world’s most popular and important festival to celebrates as beginning of a new year in the Traditional Chinese calendar. This 2019 will be the year of the Pig. What is a good fortune awaiting in 2019? According to the traditional belief, pigs are the symbol of wealth and they represent of kindness and generosity as their chubby faces and big ears are sign of fortune well.

Indeed, Chinese New Year is the best time for family gathering and so-called reunion while new clothes are needed to wear during the first day of celebration. So, have you made a preparation and picked out your Chinese New Year look to celebrate the year of the Pig 2019?

Most of youngster nowadays are more attracted with modern styles and no longer interested in traditional wear. Thus, why not make something different for this upcoming Chinese New Year celebration with a full traditional gear to a dinner party or at first day of celebration.

Here are few ways of dressing you may follow to look modern while traditions are still present:

cheongsam cny

Be bold by choosing a different type of material like velvet, lace or embroidered. 

cheongsam collections for this upcoming CNY 2019

Look simple and minimal modern with minimalist floral design.

cheongsam collection for chinese new year 2019

These are the best color for the occasion. Stay away from black color during CNY! 

cheongsam collections for cny

Look elegant and classic with vibrant and earth tone color selection.

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